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Healthways SilverSneakers Program is a program designed to keep our seniors active and healthy. Some insurance companies have worked with Healthways Silver Sneakers Program to offer this program to their insurance participants. If you qualify for a card from Healthways you will receive a card in the mail from Healthways, not Pleasant View Fitness. That is how you pay for your gym visits. Please scan your card from Healthyways in the Healthways Silver Sneakers/Prime/Fit Blue machine when you enter the gym. This is how you pay for your visit.  Please see our full list of classes on the left hand side of this page. If you would prefer to use the gym equipment instead of attending a class, please feel free to do so. Please see Hours of Operation for gym availability for insurance program walk-in's.

American Specialty Health (ASH) Silver & Fit is a program that works with insurance companies to provide gym swipe cards to pay for your visits. All Silver & Fit attendees must sign-in on the Silver & Fit book located at the front desk to pay for your visits. After signing the book you are welcome to use the gym or take a class. Please see Hours of Operation for gym availability for insurance program walk-in's. 

SilverSneakers Bud & Yvonne Coffee with gym member Lianne Rollins.

SilverSneakers class!